Dem Ohs

by P • PL

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released February 22, 2016

P • PL is:

Dave Power
Eamonn McLain
Emily Kastrul
Addie Strei
Matt Bedrosian

ft. Joe Berns



all rights reserved


P • PL Minneapolis, Minnesota

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Track Name: The Feels / As Long As It's Real
this is a runaround
and our time is runnin out
can't tell what you mean to say
in upper case on the magic page

feels like a thousand years
since we met, and i knew it then
that love was in the air
but you held your breath

now you suffocate
sucking on your lips
open up to me
give me something

whatever you got to do, come and do it to me
i'm not hung up on the feels, as long as it's real
it's been so long since i've known how you're really doin
i'd like to feel it tonight

whether you need to bite, kiss or kick
squeeze in tight, or push away
i wanna feel your feels
whatever they might be
don’t hold back
don’t procrastinate
because i myself
don’t intend to waste one minute
beating around that bush
Track Name: Push-N-Pull (explicit)
rough play in the night
like we are angry that our love is good and fine
watching you cry
it doesn’t turn me on but grows my smile
you push and you pull
as if there’s something underneath you didn’t know
but don’t play a fool
you know you’ve seen more than i ever show

almost over you’re left wondering
if there’s more than romance
either way i’m sure i’d be lying
don’t look at me while i’m crying

even without our shitty relatives making sure we’re fuckin up
we get by on the push n pull
and i’m hoping it might just be another thing we can penetrate tonight

found a bone in your heart
that connects to my hands
i won’t move, i swear
until you say the words
even if we have to wait til winter’s end to sweat again
my roly poly, holy moly

you sleep under the snow
because your burdens are returning to my bed
but how would you know
whether my love depends on your happy head?
i’ll follow your luck
whether your high or low or digging through the dirt
if i’m gonna fuck
i wanna fuck someone who knows what hurts

push and pull and push and pull and…
Track Name: Book Vs Movie
leanin on your right-wing friends
cause no one’s left, and no one’s watching
another animal, just practical
while the sun’s still on your skin
i went to my doctor
had my pressure, pulse, and penis measured
didn’t have much to say, about my case
just my pretty face

what’s the difference between what i say and what you see?
and which do you prefer?

book vs. movie
not ever quite the same
as you expected
book vs. movie
i’m something in-between
are you reading or watching me?

gleanin what i need in articles and talks
to keep me speakin
don’t really care about my whereabouts
seepin through my screen
time moves like a mountain you’re stuck underneath
repeating reddit
movie mentality might set you free
if you read the credits

book vs. movie
both witnessing
and both just missing
Track Name: 22
alligator ate my eyes
all that comes to mind, her insides
found her dreamin of her wetlands
singing in the dry sand of my town

“you really wanna hunt me down
standing on unsteady ground
shifting and free?
be good to me and drop your gun
and don’t pretend it wouldn’t be more fun
nails and teeth”

.22 caliber pistol,
shot right through to the middle, in cold blood
and she laid out in the sunshine
nakedness for my dead eyes and flat lungs
while i sank into the wet earth
wonderin who taught a gator to use guns